FullSizeRender (6)Come and pull up a chair and find out a little more about Kate’s Table. Kate’s Table is the culmination of many years of gathering friends and family together to eat simple, wholesome food. You’ll never find fussy, complicated food here. My kitchen, although tiny, size really isn’t everything, is a happy place where I find inspiration and relaxation.

I started messing about with recipes when I was in my early teens. My Pa bought me an Italian cookery book on Christmas and the first thing I made was a simple tomato pasta sauce. It was only a few weeks before I’d realised that I could add my favourite anchovies in their super tasty oil and a handful of salty capers and create something all the more magical. Of course later on I learnt about Puttanesca sauce and took great delight in making ‘whores spaghetti’ once I was feeding hordes of hungry students at my uni digs. I think that was the same time as I fell in love…….in love with having a table full of hungry friends and family to feed.

In my youth I was extremely active, I was a keen swimmer, cyclist and a good all round athlete. I understand the amazing hunger that active kids have, I was one. I have two very, very active boys of 4 and 9, they never and I mean never, stop eating. I’m not so active these days, although I love a spin class! I’ve been thin, fat and everything in between. For many years when I was working very long hours in a stressful job with young children at home, food was my emotional crutch. I have put a lot of effort into changing my mindset. I now see food occasionally as fuel when life is busy and I can’t stop, it’s not all Instagram stars and unicorns after all. At other times I take time to hang out in my kitchen and create a meal that my family and I can all sit down and enjoy together.

I’m not about fad diets and what’s trendy, I love to eat and I follow a rule of 70/30. 70% of the time it’s all about balancing protein, carbohydrates, fruit and veg to ensure that my family get at least 7 a day. The other 30% of the time I take a more relaxed approach. Are there fish fingers in my freezer and ready made pizza in my fridge? Hell yes!

My table is place of sanctuary, of secrets shared, of homework and snacks after school, of corks that are popped and bottles that are emptied, of birthday candles that refuse to be blown out and of meals shared and enjoyed with those I love.